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Tuesday 10am – 5pm
Wednesday 12pm – 8pm
Thursday * 12pm – 8pm
Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm

*except the 3rd Thursday on each month when we close at 6pm and invite anyone to join us on an easy ride to a pub with the emphasis on chat and sharing time together.

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Call: 07544 314749

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Click here for map: Ride On, 61 Haven Road, EXETER, EX2 8DP

Standing outside the Clip n Climb Center looking down the road away from Exeter

Standing outside Bar Venezia looking into the Canal Basin – Look for the Purple Bikes with the Yellow Wheels!


13 thoughts on “Contact and Find Us

    1. martynlaxton Post author

      Hi Sue

      We always have a selection of childrens bikes as that is why we started the charity 5 years ago, to get more affordable bikes to children who may not have access to one

      Our stock is changing all the time during the summer so drop in and have a look

      Kinds Regards

  1. Kelsey Money

    Hi I wonder if you could help me. My son is attending the bikeablility course at Montgomery School at the moment and when he took his bike yesterday was told there was a problem with the brakes and the gears. I have no experience in repairs at all and really would not know where to start. I would really like to sort out the bike for him. Please can you advise me if you can help me at all?

    Kind Regards


  2. Gary Courtney


    I called into your place last weds evening with my bike in need of some help (Cube road bike, stiff front gear change, worn drivetrain).
    Turns out my front cable was too tight & causing my issues.
    You guys did a great job getting things working sweet, thanks so much.
    I did say i’d be back in this week with new chain, rings & cassette to fit, along with the intention of perhaps re cabling inner & others, then re wrapping my bars.

    Unfortunately something has come up & i can’t get in for a couple of wks now, i just wanted to let you know out of curtousy & do still intend to come back in when i can.
    I’ll probably try & do some of the work myself at home to cut down the amount of your time i take up, but will call in one Wednesday after work to get some help finishing off if that’s o.k.

    Many thanks again,


  3. Helen Roberts


    Do you have children’s bikes, in particular, a 14′ bike frame?
    What price do they start from?

    1. martynlaxton Post author

      Hi Helen
      We do and they start at £20 to £45, fullly serviced and a 2 month warranty!
      Pop in and see us with your child to try out a few and find the best one for him/ her

  4. Jim Barlow

    I have 2 bmx bikes my boys have outgrown, to be honest, they need a bit of work (the bikes that is!!) What do you have in stock?
    Cheers, Jim.

  5. Marwan

    I find your unprofessionalism appalling. Yesterday I looked at the second bikes you had for sale and picked one. I agreed with the employee to book until today for me to buy it, he told me to come anytime befor 6pm. I walked 30 minutes in the rain to your workshop, arriving at 5:30 to find no one in the workshop.

    1. martynlaxton Post author

      Dear Marwan, I do apologise for your wasted journey. Please bear in mind that we had made the session lead aware of our early closing on Thursday, but there must have been a miscommunication of information. Please also be aware that we are run by volunteers and therefore there are occasional times when we are short-staffed. On a normal Thursday evening we are open until 8.00 and this was an exceptional early closing.

  6. Becky Hook

    Help! I need a new front shifter. It is a simple friction type and if possible Shimano 600 type from the 1980s to keep it fairly authentic. I can email a photo or maybe call in for you to see I’m a hard up student but really love my bike.
    Becky Hook

    1. martynlaxton Post author

      Hi Becky
      If you havent already then give us a call on the workshop number 07544314749

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