Welcome to Ride On – Cycling for All


We are a charity that is passionate about getting more people riding more affordable bikes more often. 

Our dedicated team of volunteers is here to help you to learn to ride, ride more safely and build simple skills to keep your bike on the road to provide you with sustainable transport for life!

New! We’re now offering Tuesday Tune Ups, short courses aimed at explaining and servicing one component of the bike each session. See our Short Courses section for more. £10 a session.

We have been so successful in getting more children on affordable recycled bikes that we have run out of children’s bikes with 24″ wheels. Please can you help by donating the one in your shed/ garage/yard?

If you don’t have one to donate please would you help in another way by copying this link https://rideoncycling.org/ and sending it to all your friends who may have 24 inch bikes taking up space in their shed/ garage/ yard!

The Workshop is open:

  • Tuesday 10am – 5pm
  • Wednesday 10am – 8pm (Bring Your Own Bike from 12pm.)
  • Thursday 12pm – 8pm*
  • Friday 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday 10am – 5pm.

Call us on 0754 431 4749

*except the 3rd Thursday on each month when we close at 6pm and invite anyone to join us on an easy ride to a pub with the emphasis on chat and sharing time together.

Outdoor Bike Maintenance course

Ride on is a registered charity and has been going for nearly 7 years and, in that time we have put hundreds of people on bikes, given many more children taking their Bikeability course at school the chance to join in and learn how to be safe on the roads and helped 3 year old to 89 year old get cycling!

It all started with Martyn (CEO) sourcing  and refurbishing donated bikes to take to Bikeability courses because many of the children he was teaching didn’t have their own. The idea snowballed and people understood the power of the project and donated not only kids bikes but adults bikes too.

So our main purpose started with getting kids active on bikes and safe on the roads.
We have now added to that by doing the same with adults so, as you can imagine we have a lot of time here working with spanners building affordable bikes for everyone. (The full detailed history is under “Our story”)


We need your stories!

“I remember coming back to cycling after many, many years as a driver – my car was in for MOT and I borrowed a friend’s spare bike to get to work that day – I had a moment when I felt like a kid again on my bike having an adventure. And that was why I started cycling again.”

If you could help us by telling why you ride it could help us get more people to get on a bike too, and that’s got to be a good thing! So please, email your story to info@rideoncycling.org or tell us about it on Facebook, and we can share it with people who might just be tempted to enjoy the freedom of the bicycle.


For more information, have a look through the drop down options at the top of the page.

We are a Registered Charity No.1174055

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