Opening Hours
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Cycling for a Cleaner, Healthy & Active Exeter

We are a registered charity and successful social enterprise that is passionate about getting more people riding more affordable bikes more often. 

Donate a bike

Donating a bike helps share the benefits of cycling within the community. We will refurbish the bike and make it roadworthy before either using it within one of our charity driven projects this money then goes towards delivering further projects to benefit the community

Mechanical Training

Our mechanical training courses help you to understand how your bike works mechanically and to learn how to repair and maintain it. We have a short and longer courses that build up your skills to the point where you can undertake most of the tasks to repair and service your bike.

Bring Your Own Bike

This is a dedicated time for you to come and maintain your own bike using our workshop and tools. It is intended to be used by people already relatively confident with bike mechanics but who are lacking the necessary tools, stands or a space to work in.

How you can support us

As well as donating a bike there are several other ways you can support Ride On. We are always happy to have new volunteers, for as much or as little time as you have available. Or show your support by donating money. 

Volunteer with us

There are many opportunities to volunteer an we appreciate all the help our volunteers give us. You can give as much or little time that suits you and there are many different ways that you can help. Some of our volunteers help with fundraising. Others help by simply keeping the workshop tidy or helping to service and rebuild our reconditioned bikes.


If you are able, donating money to Ride On is a really important way that you can support many of outreach activities that we undertake to support people to have the opportunity to ride a bike. Many of the people we help have barriers to low cost transport including lack of money, health issues or confidence. Your support goes a long way to keeping these activities going.

Wom+ns Workshop

Our wom+n’s workshops are opportunities to learn bike skills in a supportive environment. Sessions vary from taught elements to open sessions where you can just work on your own bike. 

Our History

Ride On has been delivering quality refurbished bicycles to the local community for over 7 years and, in that time we have put hundreds of people on bikes, given many more children taking their Bikeability course at school the chance to join in and learn how to be safe on the roads and helped 3 year olds to 89 year olds get cycling!

Our dedicated team of volunteers is here to help you to learn to ride, ride more safely and build simple skills to keep your bike on the road to provide you with sustainable transport for life.