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A letter from P.E. teacher at WestExe School June 2015

Dear Graham, Martyn and Nic,

Just a quick message to say thank you for all your time and effort in making today such a great success. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about how it would all go and the wet weather on the way in this morning didn’t help. However, your professionalism  awareness for safety and the way you interacted with fellow staff, our students and members of public at large meant it really was a truly relaxing and enjoyable day.

Thank you all very much and in particular Graham for all you have done previously with our students in getting them qualified so we could have such a day.

Keep up the great work you are doing, it really is having an impact in the area.

Kind regards


Pictures of the pupils having a great ride n rest!


Another young person receives a recycled bike from Ride On! May 2015.

Whilst completing a level 1 Bikeability Course young Berty was trying very hard and succeeding in riding a borrowed bike from Ride On, as his own was too small and broken.
He was learning quickly and showing great concentration despite his size and age, and during a break Martyn Laxton of Ride On was talking to him and realised this young lad was going to go home but have no bike to practise all he had just worked so hard to learn on the course.
Ride On to the rescue!
At the end of the course Martyn and the team presented Berty with the bike, borrowed for the course, to take home so he could keep riding and enjoy his new found freedom.
His mother said “Thankyou so much, he is so happy with it. Its been a great lift for us to see him outside riding around with a big smile on his face”

Over 2500 people are now riding recycled bikes in and around Exeter
as a result of work done by the amazing team of people here at Ride On

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Martyn Laxton believes that if just one parent also has access to an affordable, roadworthy bike then their children are more likely to cycle regularly. This brings benefits to the whole family of improved fitness, better concentration, increased confidence and less likelihood of obesity or mental health problems in later life.

“A child who misses out on access to a safe bike misses out on a right of passage as a child and it’s hard to believe in the 21st century we have that situation here in Exeter,” Martyn said. “I am delighted that the Raynor family are going into the New Year looking forward to their freedom provided by Ride-On and the cycle route network around Exeter”

Whilst attending a Ride On full day bike maintenance course at our workshop Mat, one of the five course participants, said this when asked if he thought the day had been of use to him

“its been fantastic! I can’t remember the last time I did a course and came away with something really useful and so practical. Its been the most constructive day I have had for a long time, thanks Adam and Martyn”

All five chaps took away many learnings from the day which they agreed would save them much more than the very reasonable course fee of £55 ,as Simon the course organiser said

“My last bike service cost me over £120 so now we know how to do it we can save time and money for our organisation, brilliant! Thanks to Adam for his endless tips which will really help us as a team with our clients and their bikes and improve the enjoyment of the riding.”

Spectrum’s young residents learn how to Cycle Safe in Exeter

Spectrum Housing Group hosted Cycle-Safe, Scoot Smart at Chancel Park car-park in Exeter, teaching young people the dangers of using the car parking area to play in and learning how to cycle responsibly around the local area.

spectrum housing

Hosted by Spectrum Housing Group in partnership with the Ride On – Cycling For All a social enterprise and registered charity in Exeter, the lunchtime event with a serious message was created with fun at heart. Posters around the estate invited everyone to come with their bikes and scooters for a day of competitions, obstacle courses and a chance to learn new tricks and win prizes.

Ride On recycle unwanted bicycles with their stated mission to make cycling safe, enjoyable and accessible to everyone who wouldn’t otherwise get chance to ride a bike

Adam Golding from Ride On said: “We think Spectrum are doing a great job teaching children how they can have fun, be healthy and stay safe. We loved attending today and seeing all the youngsters so enthusiastic about being on bikes and scooters and getting outdoors but also learning how to be responsible around cars and play safe in the area.”

The busy day was attended by local parents and children from the estate, all eager to see the central car park and regular play area transformed into a challenging scooter obstacle course.

Spectrum resident Trish Osabuohien, who attended the day with her son Osaretin said: “Osaretin loves being on his bike and is constantly out and about playing on the estate so it’s nice to have Spectrum help me get the message about staying safe across to him. It’s also nice to see them putting on stuff for kids in the area to do in the school holidays. Osaretin had so much fun and the Spectrum staff and the team from Ride On were lovely.”

Spectrum’s Resident Involvement Officer, Lisa Elford, who organised the event said: “It’s really encouraging seeing children on the estate playing outside in the summer but as a concerned landlord we’re really keen to make sure everyone is always safe. Cycle Safe, Scoot Smart, was a fun way of getting the children involved and excited about being responsible and thinking twice about playing in areas around cars.”

Robs Story.
Having battled with dyspraxia and co-ordination issues for my childhood, it took me until my 30s and a new found stubborn streak to give cycling a second roll of the dice. After a bit of a Google, I found that Devon County Council were offering free adult training sessions
I had an absolutely excellent instructor who got me from never having ridden a bike to fully balancing and tight turning in 2 hours. He constantly put me at ease and never once left me feeling nervous or inadequate, and definitely made a significant contribution to my desire to get my own bicycle very swiftly!
After our session he put me in touch with Ride On. Martyn and Adam were both very open and friendly, with a clear passion for riding and a “no question too dumb” attitude. Within a matter of minutes they’d outlined the best type of bike for the kind of riding I wanted to do, and a few test rides later I had a brilliantly refurbished bike in my possession for a great price.
In the space of 2 weeks I’ve gone from someone who thought they’d never be on two wheels to riding 8 miles on the Exe Estuary trail over the bank holiday weekend. I would happily recommend both the programme and Ride On to anyone.
Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride

With no Bike to practise riding this young man was going to miss his chance to complete the free Bikeability Course at his primary school.
His mum approached Ride On and we provided a suitable bike so he could practise on it at home before the course and then participate in the week long course at school.
Here you see a very happy 10yr old having successfully completed level 1 and 2. Well Done!

bike loan to 10yr old bikeability



In partnership with Sustrans six newly refurbished and recycled childrens’ bicycles were presented by Ride On to Dartington Primary School in June.

Whilst explaining to the children in their morning assembly how the charity worked and why it was started there were many great questions from an enthusiastic audience.

Following the end of their assembly I was really moved when one little lad nipped out of his line of classmates to push a 20 pence into my hand declaring “that’s my Donation to your charity for another Bike for someone who hasn’t got one” … Truly heart warming.


One of the six bikes presented to Dartington Primary

One of the six bikes presented to Dartington Primary


Image006    Randstad Ride_20100413_001    Randstad Ride_20100413_010   IMG_0515    DSC_1143   DSC_1322    DSC_1324    DSC_1350DSC_1352   DSC_1366   DSC_1369    DSC_1364  Trinity CCCP Exe-Uni-2859 first donated bike Kenn (2) ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? DSC_0192 theatre bike DSC_0947 DSC_0852 DSC_0997

some of our amazing helpers decorating our new home…..

IMG_1545 DSC_1200 DSC_1207 IMGP0722 IMGP0717 IMGP0716 IMGP0714 IMGP0711 IMGP0703 IMGP0702 IMGP0701 IMGP0700 IMGP0698 IMGP0695 IMGP0694 IMGP0693 IMGP0691 IMGP0690 IMGP0687 IMGP0686 ???????? ???????? Our Workshop wpid-dsc_1201.jpg wpid-dsc_1200.jpg


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