What we do

Find out about buying a bike from Ride On.

At Ride On our passion is getting people on bikes and enjoying all the benefits of cycling.   Our mission is to enable people to have the opportunity to own a pre-loved bike at reasonable cost that has been properly serviced and ready for you to ride.

And building confidence in how to look after your bike is also very important to us. So we offer courses to help you to know more about the way your bike works and how to fix it.

The Get you home course

Our “Get you home” course is just what you need to make sure your bike is safe to ride and be able to fix minor problems, so your relaxing bike ride, doesn’t end up as a long walk home. For more about the “Get you home” course click here

Maintain your own bike course

Taking it one step further is our Bike Maintenance course. This whole day course will take you step by step through all the major processes to maintain your own bike, saving you time and money. find out about our whole day course here.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s bicycle science.” Adam

We are a Registered Charity No.1174055


2 thoughts on “What we do

  1. Becky

    A huge thank you to the guys at Ride On. I had an issue with riding my tricycle, where a normal pedal did not suit my needs. Mike designed me a solution, and created a prototype to test. He even cycled with me to check that it was suitable. A really dynamic solution makes the biggest change – and I will be back soon as the team were keen to look at a few alternative approaches. Whilst I was there they even checked my tricycle brakes and made sure I was safe to Ride On home! 🙂 The whole gang were really friendly and welcoming, even offered me a cup of tea! I hope they realize how happy they have made me, and how amazing the work that they do is! Thank you so much!! Becky

    1. martynlaxton

      Thanks for the feedback Becky, we really appreciate this and it helps other people see what we are about in real time!
      By the way Mike is happy to progress a permanent solution if you want to come back in and spend a bit of time with him talking it through.
      Happy Pedalling!


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