Bring Your Own Bike

Every Wednesday 12 – 8

See you then!

Bring Your Own Bike

Ride On is now offering a Bring Your Own Bike sessions, daytime and evening!
This is a dedicated time for you to come and maintain your own bike using our workshop and tools. It is intended to be used by people already relatively confident with bike mechanics but who are lacking the necessary tools, stands or a space to work in. You can use this time for everything from servicing your bike, replacing worn out chains or even complete overhauls as parts and consumables (cables, second hand parts) can be purchased from Ride On.
There will be a mechanic on hand throughout the session as they are there to help you do the work on your bike by offering friendly pointers, tips and advice.cource2

Now there is no excuse not to give your bike the attention it deserves!

At the end of the session you pay for any parts used as well as a donation on top for time, tools and using the space. We suggest a rate of around £5 an hour.

The set-up is easy as you just turn up, speak to the mechanic who will talk you through the safety in the workshop and then let you grab a work stand.

To book a stand please just email with the title ‘BYOB’ to book a stand as the past few weeks have been very popular.

Please note, this session is available on Wednesdays, 12pm – 8pm at the Ride On workshop by Exeter Quay.

We are a Registered Charity No.1174055


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