mechanics musings

a bike with fairy lights on

It’s been a good year for cycling to work. I see regular riders most days on my to and fro, and we usually exchange a quick greeting as we pass. Some of them have been in to Ride On and it’s always interesting to talk to someone you usually see zooming in the opposite direction.

The last couple of months cycle commuting in the dark have been interesting too. Some people are lit up like UFOs (others with no lights or dim glow-worms make me wonder how much they can see, and if they realise how hard they are to see). But the ones that puzzle me most are those who can somehow manage to ride with flashing front lights. It must be like being in a B&W silent movie, flickering crazily!

Anyway, we’re near the darkest and the lighter days are coming back, so keep those LEDs glowing, blinking, pulsating and flickering till then.


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